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The Bridge: Kaua'i to College

Free guidance and support for Kaua'i kids who want to go to college

Do you want to go away to college but no one seems to think you can?

We live in the most higher education rich​ country in the world: college and universities of all sizes, types, and locations. What kind of experience do you want? A school built of ivy-covered bricks or one of California sandstone? A school with 400 students or one with 40,000? A school in the ranch land of Montana or one in the middle of New York City? 

Did you know that these ​sch​ools​ are often hungry for students? And they are all looking for diversity in their student body: hooray for Hawaii! You are already cool.

Some people don't realize that financial aid is readily available. It takes the form of loans for parents and students as well as scholarships and grants. And it is most often based on need, not achievement in academics or sports.

There is a whole world to explore--the mainland, the Continent, the library, the world--and every reason why you can explore it.

The Class of 2022 Bridge Scholars are now in college and we are so proud of their accomplishments! We recently asked them to update us on what they have been up to – and they’re having the time of their lives, all while learning taking advantage of the opportunities college has to offer. We hope their stories will inspire other students to pursue their dreams and to make the most of their college experience!

Check out our online academy!

(P.S. These success tips can help you whether you are in high school OR college. Check them out!)

Did we mention our Academy is free!?

We have something for everyone–need help writing an essay? Managing stress? Adjusting to college? These super speedy vodcasts from some cool and smart people--just click on this link: The Bridge Academy.

Most photographs courtesy of Deborah Gillikin

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