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Earn and Save

You can begin right now to earn and save money to fund your college dream.


  --get a job by looking at craigslist, talking to friends and family, walking into shops or restaurants or boat companies or offices, placing an ad in other words, asking.

Some tips: go in person

get the application done cleanly and submitted quickly

follow up--go in, call, email--but follow up. It shows you care and can!

dress for success, in other words, clean and well-groomed with nice-looking clothes and not too much skin

research a little bit about the company--just go on-line--especially before an interview

Why these tips? You are right. It's obvious!! Be the person you would hire: reliable, ready, and responsible.

--establish a college savings account...go to the bank with your first deposit and ask them to set it up. Easy!

You can do it!

The Bridge: Kaua’i to College, 8/2016

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