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The Bridge Academy

Expert advice–brought to your screen. 

 Are you trying to get into college? Have you already gotten into college?

 Whether you are still thinking about college, or if you are concerned with succeeding in college, our Academy has something for you. Seriously! Topics range from conversation about mental health and time management to getting your college essay done. We have put together a series of vodcasts to focus on some basic skills for success in college, high school, or in the college admissions cycle. 

Mix and match, view and can do it!!

Successful Studying

Whether you are a high school student looking to achieve the stellar grades you need for college, or a college student looking to keep up the great work, successful studying is key to your over-all success. The podcasts linked below target your study habits. 

Vodcast Links:

Time Management for Success Hosted by Emeritus Chemistry professor Dr. Stipanovic, this Vodcast discusses one of the most important academic skills: time management. Various tips and methods for managing time appear in this Vodcast. 

Beating Procrastination Hosted by Dr. Stipanovic,  we dissect how to beat the age-old plight that is procrastination! Dr. Stipanovic uses his teaching experience to aid students, pointing out common mistakes and easy ways to defeat this bad habit. 

How to Study Successfully Hosted by Dr. Stipanovic, this Vodcast  gives a general guide to studying in a way that is productive and efficient. While everyone has had to study before, not everyone studies in a way that is right for them, or efficient. Dr Stipanovic discusses planning your study sessions and finding the most optimal places to study. 

Working on YOU

This topic encompasses subjects related to mental health and motivation. YOU are the author of your story! 

Vodcast Links:

Surfing the Wave of Stress, Hosted by licensed clinical psychologist and Bridge founder Dr. Susan Davis, this Vodcast addressed the inevitability that is stress. Stress in academia is unavoidable, but it can be managed! Dr. Davis shares her professional tips on managing stress in school

How to Write Your Superhero Story Hosted by Bridge Mentor Lindsey Kirchoff, this invigorating and inspiring Vodcast discusses the big, and somewhat scary leap from high school on Kauaʻi to college. However big these changes can be, you are ultimately the hero of your journey–Lindsey discusses change through the lens of perseverance and adventure.

Adapting to College

So youʻve gotten into college–but what comes next? We find that transition periods can be rocky for some. Change is tough! The following seminars are talk about many of the struggles that surround adapting to a new environment. 

Vodcast Links:

Fostering Friendships, Hosted by Dain Spore, an experienced pastor as emeritus Bridge Board Member/Mentor, this Vodcast discusses setting up your social life in college for success. Key to this is choosing the right friends, which he delves into in full.

Developing Friendships, builds upon "Fostering Friendships". Choosing friends is one thing, but developing meaningful and healthy friendships in college is a much broader thing! 

*We also recommend "How to Write Your Superhero Story" from the "Working on YOU" section AND "Adapting to College" in the Heroʻs Journey portion at the end of this page.

*If you are having a difficult time adjusting academically, check out the "Studying Successfully" section and "How to Write a Great First Essay" in the writing section.

Decoding College Admissions

Does the college application process seem scary, mysterious, and beyond reach? It doesnʻt have to be! The Vodcast in this section describe  the admissions process, and give you key insights and tips on HOW to conquer college admissions and get into the schools of your dreams!

Vodcast Links:

What I Look For, Hosted by Cornell admissions reader Joan Lubin. Have you ever wondered where your college applications goes when you send it? Who reads it, and who decides what to do with it? Admissions readers like Joan Lubin are the people reading hundreds of applications and making decisions on who the strongest candidates are. In this Vodcast, Joan discusses what she looks for when she reads student applications. 

**We also recommend "Essay Olympics: Going for Gold" from the "Writing" section. 



Writing is a struggle for many. However, it is an essential skill for college–whether you are trying to write a killer admissions essay or if you are a current student dealing with the high standard of writing expected in colleges. The following Vodcasts are crash courses in writing good, strong essays that exemplify your style and skill.

Vodcast Links

How to Write a Great First College Essay, in which college English professor Dr. Davis uses his vast experience to tell you how to wow your college professors with exemplary essay writing. Dr. Davis shows that the college essay doesnʻt have to be a source of anxiety! The tips in this video arenʻt only applicable to college students–if you are a high school student, you can benefit from this as well!

Essay Olympics: Going for Gold, ​is hosted by Cornell Professor Denise Green. We wonʻt lie–writing a college admissions essay is really, really important. Your essay is your chance to show schools your personality, goals, hopes, and dreams. A college essay can show schools what youʻre really made of. Professor Green explores how you can write an essay that exemplifies your strengths, tells a unique and original story, and clues you in on the writing process.

The Heroʻs Journey 

The Heroʻs Journey is not a new concept–first documented by Professor Joseph Campbell, it is a phenomenon that occurs in many stories, books, and movies. Joseph Campbell noted that in a narrative, a hero often follows a certain path: some sort of call to adventure, a big adventure, and eventually, a return home. This Vodcast series imagines YOUR journey as that of a hero–you are called from your home to pursue your education, but at the end of your adventure, a return to home awaits. These Vodcasts feature a series of college graduates who grew up on Kauaʻi, traveled away for college, and have since made their way back to Kauaʻi with the skills they learned from their adventures. Listen and learn how they made their way to college, adjusted to college and pursued their passions, and eventually decided to end their journey with a return home. 

*More information on the Heroʻs Journey can be found here.

*We recommend watching the intro to the Heroʻs Journey first.

Vodcast Links:

The Heroʻs Journey

The Heroʻs Journey: Choosing a College

The Heroʻs Journey: Paying for College

The Heroʻs Journey: Adapting to College



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