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How to Get into a Good College...

(And what we mean is, how to get into the right college for you!)

It's not really rocket science, unless that's your thing!

The best way to get into the college that is right for you is to:

1. start early and work hard

            --build your GPA, SAT scores, and teacher references

(You may not realize this but people really study for the SATs and there are super online tutorial

resources available, much better than that huge book. We currently like the looks of The Kranse Institute and they are offering

a bit of a deal. We offer those who work with us partial scholarship opportunities for these!)

            --build your school savings account

2. explore your own unique and individual self--the real and interesting person you are

(By the way, this is what our mentors are for: to help you see and develop your talents and gifts, what makes you unique and interesting!)

        --showcase yourself in your choice of classes, work, volunteer, and other special activities

        --share yourself in the essays which are the key to acceptance!

                (Colleges don't actually want clones who sound like everyone else!)

3. communicate this unique self to someone who has to read thousands of applications!

Think of it from the admissions officer’s point of view:

We recommend you check out the great article on admissions in our Articles Archive.

--GPA and SAT scores are just screening tools: they must fall within cut-off values

Keep in mind that these "cut-off" scores actually reflect Gaussian Distribution (in other words, a bell-shape curve--you can research this important statistics concept, if you don't already know about it). Some people's scores will be above and some below the published scores. This means that these values are somewhat flexible and exceptions might be made for a real and interesting person--that would be you!

You can get a feel for the numbers of students above and below various SAT and ACT test scores for a school by checking out the Department of Education's College Navigator and looking under More Search Options.

  --the essay and your choices of classes and activities are their chance to meet a real and interesting person--again, that would be you!

--diversifying a student body of real and interesting persons is an important goal

--getting people who will succeed at the school is an important goal

--getting people who will actually come to the school is another important goal

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