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Want to Give Back?

Join us– help build The Bridge by becoming a mentor or a donor!

Become a mentor!

This is an invaluable experience of building a relationship with a wonderful young person and their family;

     of paying forward what you've been given;

     of honoring those who mentored you!

Here are comments from some of our mentors, Kids, and their families:

"I wanted to tell you what an impact you’ve had on [our daughter]. She choose this school in part because she found it on Colleges That Change Your Life. When we started partnering with you and learning from you we really had no idea what her future held. We always expected her to go to college but thought that would be locally. We hoped for more but never knew! You really helped us open our eyes and minds to what was possible for her."

--from a mother in a letter to her daughter's mentor

"The Bridge has helped me so much with figuring out how to work through online schooling. The Bridge has also paired me with an AMAZING mentor. She has helped me trem​endously!!"

--from a Bridge Scholar

"As a mentor it has been a joy to watch my student expand her horizons and develop life skills that will serve her for the rest of her life."

--from a mentor

"I’m grateful that I was able to make some new friends through this program and meet a great college mentor who always keeps me on the right track!"

--from a Bridge Scholar 

Wondering what mentoring involves and the commitment required?  Here are a couple of links to what we do and expect:


Our Mentoring Understanding agreement is something we go over with you and your Scholar and their family when you start.

More on Mentoring Well discuss mentoring well.


We know that no one knows everything about mentoring or getting into college.  We are a team, behind you all the way!


Become a donor!

Know that any money you give will be stewarded carefully and ethically to support and guide our local kids' journey to college with thoughtfully awarded scholarships to pay college prep expenses such as SAT and ACT preparation, college applications, and enriching experiences at home, on the mainland, and abroad.

(Your donation will be tax-deductible, of course, for our registered 501c3 nonprofit. We will send confirmation and thanks!)

Just one example of what your gifts have offered--pictured is one of our Bridge Scholars, Gen Hew. Here his mentor, Bill Dressel, gives him an Angel Funds* check for an online SAT prep tutorial and a new lap top!

*Note that our Angel Funds are cost-sharing scholarships for which our Bridge Kids apply. Our Kids and families contribute to the overall cost as they are able.

Be a connector!

Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions, would like more information, or want to get involved. Connect us with junior high or high schools or with someone who might want to join us as a Scholar, a mentor, a sponsor, or a donor! 

Get in touch for more information on these giving-back opportunities! Or donate now!

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