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Our Board

Our board members come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wide range of specialties, yet they all share an unwavering commitment to The Bridge's core mission. We take immense pride in having such dedicated and exceptionally talented individuals serving on our board.

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Susan Davis, PhD


Susan Davis, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist in practice for the past 25 years. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families, first in California and also on Kaua’i beginning in 2012. Listening to her patients’ stories and working with her high school-age stepdaughter moved her to found The Bridge: Kaua’i to College in May of 2016. Prior to becoming a psychologist, she worked as an Administrator and Assistant Dean for Stanford University. Drawing on her experience in educational administration and family therapy, she serves as President of The Bridge.

Tisa Herold


Tisa is a retired Lockheed Martin Business analyst with nearly 30 years of planning, coordination, and financial experience. In 2006, she transferred to PMRF enabling her to achieve her life long dream of living in Hawaiʻi. Tisa worked on various "Star Wars" projects ultimately concluding with the now deployed THAAD program and utilizes her project management experience to perform the Treasurer duties for The Bridge.

Greg Iten

Board Member

Greg Iten is a licensed architect from the Pacific NW with 35 plus years experience. He has a 5 year professional degree from UW College of Architecture. His experience is broad but focused on schools, from elementary to collegiate. He grew up in an environment that emphasized the importance of education, particularly college. The rich cultural diversity of Kauai has inspired Greg to join The Bridge to assist the bright confident high school students achieve their goals and dreams. A college educated society benefits all. Greg also oversees our grant giving committee. 

Kevin McPhee

Board Member

Kevin McPhee, originally from the island of Bermuda, is a hospitality and education professional. Kevin received his Masters degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Cornell University, and has held various executive management positions in the hotel, resort, private club, and restaurant industries. Kevin has also been involved with the field of education through University of Phoenix for ten years. He currently serves as a substitute at local schools and as a business school lecturer at Kauaʻi Community college. Kevin's love for both Kauaʻi and the education and growth of island kids was what attracted him to The Bridge, where he is a mentor and board member for The Bridge. 

Yuri Montgomery

Board Member

 Yuri came to the United States on an IREX (International Research and Exchange) grant.  He has a degree in Economics from the University of Skopje, No. Macedonia, and a masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington.  Yuri retired after a successful career in business and is an advocate for cross cultural learning for people of all ages. Yuri's diverse background make him a highly effective member of The Bridge.

Art Stipanovic, PhD

Board Member

Art Stipanovic , an Emeritus Professor and past chairman of the Chemistry Department at the S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, N.Y. where he also received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Stipanovic spent almost 20 years working in industrial research and development on projects ranging from energy conserving lubricants to biodegradable composite materials. Art's extensive background in education and academia have made him a vital part of the Bridge, both as a board member and a mentor to STEM-oriented students. 

Salvador Hernandez



 After returning from the war in Iraq with the U.S. Marines 20 years ago, Sal Hernandez met up with his wife and settled on Kaua’i. He is a father of four, one who is a product of the public school system on Kaua’i and an undergrad at Harvard University. Sal is an 18 year veteran of the Kaua’i Fire Department, and has served previously as a board member for the Friends of Kaua’i Fire Department and the Kaua’i Soccer Association nonprofits, and is the founding member of the Kalaheo Fire Soccer Club. In addition to holding these community leadership roles, Sal holds an accounting degree from the Kaua’i Community College. Sal spends his free time as the Learning Coach for his three younger children. He looks forward to continuing to serve by helping The Bridge promote their mission.

Lisa Makaneole


Lisa started volunteering with The Bridge in 2020. She graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with a Bachelor's Degree of Psychology and an emphasis on Multicultural Counseling. Lisa is the owner and wedding planner of Lotus Events & Weddings based on Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. She currently serves as Board Member and as a Mentor Peer Lead to the Bridge while mentoring two high school students. She also coached high school students through the Torch Foundation.  Lisa believes, supports, and is devoted to the mission of The Bridge. 

Tory O'Malley


Tory O’Malley has worked in the healing arts since 1978. Since coming to Kaua'i in 1999, she has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Wedding/Vow Renewal officiant, and Body Talk practitioner. She brings her commitment to healing and wholeness to the youth of Kauaʻi, serving on the Bridge Board of Directors since its inception in 2016 and as our first mentor. In addition to her former role as a mentoring peer lead, she also served as the Board Secretary. 

Dainard Spore


Dainard Spore is teaching pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship. Utilizing his speaking skills he first honed as a student in the Communications department at UC Santa Barbara, Dainard has been a large part of founding a large, vibrant and exciting community of faith on the south side of Kauaʻi. Prior to “settling down” into the ministry, he gained valuable life experience by living out of a backpack for over ten years while traveling, surfing, and adventuring all over the planet. Dain brings both energy and expertise to media and event planning, while his role as a pastor and board member means puts him uniquely in touch with both island youth and families.

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